Þing or ðing

A European Cultural Heritage

Gunivortus Goos

499 Pages, ISBN 978 375780 6262     
Published by BoD, 2023     

The term "Thing", pronounced "Ting", also "Ding", or in an older spelling "þing", is widely known in Northern, Western, and Central Europe, where the word is found in many places as the name of an old court, as a meeting place of the people, and even as part of the name of a parliament in some countries.
This book goes into detail about the historical and contemporary content of the term and presents many such Thing-places with pictures and information. While the focus is on Germany, other countries are also included, such as England, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Scandinavian countries, and Iceland.
After reading the book, anyone sitting comfortably under a linden tree at a village square will probably think of the book and wonder if condemned people were also pilloried there in the past, or if they met a worse fate.

Scriptum sub tilia

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

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