The Secrets of the Mist Witches

- Witte Wieven -

Gunivortus Goos

248 Pages, ISBN 978 3 7534 4582 3     
Published by BoD, 2022     

In times past, many people believed that there existed a myriad of mysterious beings between heaven and earth that were considered 'supernatural'. Among them were the Mist Women, called "Witte Wieven" in the Lower Saxon dialect.
This book is dedicated to these Misty White Women of this area, but in a chapter of its own there is also due attention paid to similar beings from other parts of the world.
A possible origin of those White Women, Fog Women, Mist Witches of Witte Wieven, all names for the same phenomenon, is presented here, and in addition many old customs and extensive folk knowledge is offered.
Finally, more than eighty folk tales are narrated. And as a special encore, two longer (fictional) Mist Witches tales follow. And that's not all, because the over ninety illustrations in color will help to recall the memory of the Mist Witches, which has been widely forgotten in many places.

(The text above comes from the back of the book)     

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